Friday, 5 June 2009


Below is a list of multi-state modelling related talks at forthcoming conferences:

Joint Statistical Meetings 2009:
Somnath Datta and Ling Lan
Nonparametric Inference in Multistate Models with Interval-Censored Data

Richard Cook
Multistate Analysis of Bivariate Interval-Censored Failure Time Data

Hans C. van Houwelingen and Hein Putter
Dynamic Predicting by Landmarking as an Alternative for Multistate Modeling: An Application to Acute Lymphoid Leukemia Data

Liou Xu, David Snowdon and Richard J. Kryscio
A Markov Transition Model to Dementia with Death as a Competing Event

Wei-Ting Hwang, Neha Vapiwala and Lawrence J. Solin
A Stayer-Mover Mixture Markov Model for Disease Transitions in Early-Staged Breast Cancer Treated with Breast-Conserving Therapy (BCT)

Halina Frydman and Michael Szarek
Estimation of Overall Survival in an Illness-Death Model with Application to the Vertical Transmission of HIV-1

ISCB 30:


Michael Lauseker, Jörg Hasford and Andreas Hochhaus
Prediction In Multi-State Models And Its Application In Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia     

Martin Wolkewitz, Arthur Allignol, Martin Schumacher and Jan Beyersmann
Understanding And Avoiding Survival Bias: An Application Of Multistate Models In A Cohort Of Oscar Nominees

Thomas Kneib
Semiparametric Multi-State Models

Giuliana Cortese and Per Kragh Andersen
Internal Time-Dependent Covariates In Competing Risks Models For Bone Marrow Transplant Studies 

Per Kragh Andersen, Kajsa Kvist and Lars Kessing
Effect Of Event-Dependent Sampling Of Recurrent Events.     

Michael Schemper and Alexandra Kaider
Quantifying The Correlation Of Bivariate Survival Times By Means Of A Novel Self-Consistency Approach     

Ronald Geskus, Nicolas Poulin, Hilton Whittle and Maarten Schim van der Loeff
A Markov Cure Model To Compare Progression Of HIV-1 And HIV-2 Infection

Qing Wang, Linda Sharples and Nikolaos Demiris
Multi-State Models For The Analysis Of Lung Transplant Data     

Liesbeth de Wreede, Marta Fiocco and Hein Putter
The Analysis Of Multi-State Models By Means Of The Mstate Package     

ISI, Durban:
Invited Paper meeting:
Inference and Prediction in Competing Risks and Multi-State Models
Organiser: Hein Putter
Participants: Martin Schumacher, Bendix Carstensen, Ørnulf Borgan.

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